The Relevance Of Sustainable Agriculture

Food shortage has already been a major problem in a global sense especially for developing countries. These developing countries solely rely on the products of agriculture in their land so the destruction of such means no income and no food for them. However it even gets worse as the global population increases each day, and thus results to the increasing demand for food supply.

Since agriculture has been steadily degrading over the years, such focus of food supplement cannot be fully met. Hence, the idea of sustainable agriculture comes into the picture. Basically, it is the idea of having to produce enough resources for the present generation without compromising that of which the future generation will have.

Economic Profitability of Products

Sustainable agriculture is a very ideal concept which essentially has three main folds: economical profitability, social participation and environmental health. These three folds serve as the basis for the success and failure of sustainable agriculture. Without the full participation of one fold, the other two cannot work just as well. It is important that with sustainable agriculture, these three folds are campaigned to people and are made to grow and develop into the society. The first aspect is economical profitability which means that through sustainable agriculture it is important that its products and raw materials can gain high profitability in the market. Clearly, having good quality products mean that the country can finally compete in a global market and thus bring more income and livelihood for its fellow countrymen.

Social Participation: Emancipating Hope For Agriculture

The second aspect of sustainable agriculture is the social participation of the people. However, this aspect is not only made up of the common people, but also of the government. With these two participants combined, then sustainable agriculture can be supported in many areas of the country. The government can take part in the action through implementing different laws and reforms that ban certain human interventions in the arable land.

Also, these laws can acts as restrictions for people who desire to destroy these lands for personal profit and gain. With the social awareness of the people particularly the community, then they can act as the stewards who make sure that their land is being taken care of. With the simultaneous action of these two aspects, then the land meant for agriculture can be kept safe and fertile.

Environmental Health and Stewardship

The third aspect of sustainable agriculture is the environmental health. This is also a very important part of sustainable agriculture since we truly have to solve the crisis of the degrading productivity of the land. With all of the human interventions being made with the land, such as excessive tillage, use of destructible chemicals and such, the land is then left without the capacity to sustain its productivity.

Really, it is important that we sustain the land that gives us nourishment and health so that the future generation can still benefit from it. This is simply the right time to implement sustainable agriculture in different parts of the world to solve the crisis of food shortage and to further help the land become sustainable.