Maidenhair tree- Doses

Maidenhair tree concentrates generally have two important substances namely Vitamin P and lactone. Vitamin P also contains another substance called glycoside. Lactone also contains other substances namely ginkgolide and bilobide. Vitamin P is generally used to help patients beef up blood vas because it has high levels of an oxidants inhibitor. Lactone is generally used to help patients who have coagulating problems thanks to the blocking characteristic of lactone.

Maidenhair tree products come in different forms including pills, powders, liquids and concentrates. However, any of those products ought to have at least 24% of Vitamin P and 6% of lactone to be really effective.

In Asian cultures, in particular the Chinese have used the seeds of tree not only as part of their diet but also as a natural medicine to treat diverse maladies. In some European countries like Germany and France the use of maidenhair tree concentrates is exclusive for the medical field. A couple of years ago, the German government authorized the use of ginkgo concentrates to care for patients who suffer from Alzheimer.

In a study conducted to see if the ginkgo concentrates were effective to deal with Alzheimer, it was concluded that patients need a dose of 240 milligrams on a daily basis. In China, ginkgo concentrate is used to help patient who suffer from memory loss and mental tiredness.

One thing to consider when taking maidenhair tree concentrate is the dose will vary from one patient to another. People who need to care for minor maladies should take 40 milligrams of concentrate regularly. People who suffer from more serious illnesses will have to take a higher dose in order to experience an improvement in their condition. If you suffer from any brain disorder the suggested intake is 120-140 milligrams of concentrate twice or three times a day. People who suffer from leg pains and loss of balance should have 120-160 milligrams twice or three times a day.

A ginkgo concentrate treatment should last for at least seven weeks in order to notice the results. Remember that if you are under any treatment with traditional medicines you need to be careful with the intake of ginkgo concentrates. In some cases, patients who combined traditional drugs with ginkgo concentrate experienced nausea, diarrhea and headaches. Another important thing to remember is that if you have coagulating problems you should not take maidenhair tree concentrates because you have chances of causing bleeding.