Maidenhair Tree- Interesting facts

This kind of tree is typically seen in Asian movies. According to a recent study, the maidenhair tree or most commonly known as biloba ginkgo is the most ancient tree in the world. As it has been around for so many years the use of ginkgo is a very common practice in Asian cultures for different applications. But before mentioning the different uses it can have, let’s have a look at some interesting facts about this ancient tree.

1- It is believed that this tree came along more than two hundred million years ago. This means that back in the dinosaurs’ era this tree already existed. However, some environmental events took place and the amount of trees was reduced to the minimum. This led scientists all over the world to think that there were no more ginkgo tree species until the discovery of a tree in Japan diluted these conclusions.

However, it is important to mention that back in the dinosaurs era there were more than fourteen species of ginkgo and nowadays there is only one. Scientists also discovered that monks in the Asian temples had been growing the tree for ages before it was revealed. Once the tree was “rediscovered”, it was more common to see species in Europe and America.

2- Scientists decided to study this ancient tree to see the different properties it has. First, they discovered that the seeds from this tree are generally eaten or added to meals in Japan. Second, the came up with fantastic results when the tree extract was used in the medical area. Maidenhair tree contains two substances that are beneficial for health. One of the substances is Vitamin P and the other is lactone. Let’s have a look at the applications of biloba ginkgo in the medical field.

Due to the presence of Vitamin P, concentrates of this tree are used to improve memory, and it is now being studied to see if the use of this extract can have any impact on Alzheimer’s disease. The extract of this tree can also be used to increase blood circulation. In a recent study twenty women with claudication problem had the extract and their leg pain was significantly reduced. Another of the uses is to treat eye-related problems such as glaucoma and to treat breathing problems as well.

However, there have been some second effects when the extract of biloba ginkgo is used together with other medicines.