Maidenhair tree seed

The ancient maidenhair tree was tagged by Darwin as a fossil fuel and the name serves it right. This tree has existed for more than 250 million years, this means that the dinosaurs’ era was full of these species of trees. One of the most important characteristics of the tree is that it is able to withstand almost any climate condition and it will still survive. This tree has been used by Asian cultures not only as part of their daily diet but also as a natural way of treating minor and serious illnesses.

In Europe, in particular Germany and France the maidenhair tree by-products are very popular to relief maladies. The tree is starting to become popular in America as well and a wide range of products have appeared in the market as a result. Every part of the tree is used to produce amazing natural remedies from the leaves, going through the stem and reaching the seeds, everything is used to get all the beneficial qualities of the ginkgo tree.

One particular thing about this tree is that the seeds are not covered by a fruit as most other seeds are. There are female and male trees and the female is the one in charge of making ovules. Every ovule has an egg cell that is of a very light green colour at the beginning and then changes colour to a darker green and a brownish colour at the end of the development. One thing to consider about the development is that it might take thirty years to be fully developed. The ovules are pollinated by the wind and the fertilization stage takes place on the tree. Once the ovules have been fertilized they get a plum aspect but with a yellow tone. Due to the fact that the fertilization takes place on the tree, the maidenhair tree is an essential part of the natural environment for plants.

Despite the fact that the seeds have a terrible smell, some people in Japan include the ginkgo seed as part of their diet. However, we need to mention that they do not eat the outside of the seed because it can be dangerous for men. The inside of the seed is what most Asian cultures use as a natural medicine because it has many beneficial effects to treat breathing problems. This is because the seed contains two substances that aid in many different health conditions.

The first substance is Vitamin P, which is used to fight of free radicals and prevent cancer. The other substance is lactone, which helps the protoplasm to be energized and to avoid coagulating and circulation problems.