Green Tea Weight Loss Capsule

It should be noted though that there is no such thing as a miraculous weight loss capsule that can shed your fats in a snap. But herbs such as green tea in weight loss capsules have been known to promote weight loss in a variety of ways.

How Weight Loss Capsules Work

Some herbal weight loss capsules “trick” the brain into thinking that the stomach is full. This makes the weight loss capsule as an effective appetite suppressant and helps stave off hunger pangs.

Other herbs like green tea in weight loss capsules have thermogenic properties that help speed up the body’s metabolic rate. Thermogenic herb weight loss capsules, e.g. green tea weight loss capsules, are considered as stimulants because of their caffeine content. Caffeine in these weight loss capsules is responsible for increasing the rate of all bodily functions like heart rate, digestion, and respiration.

Still, other herbal weight loss capsules are chiefly diuretic. This means that the person taking this kind of weight loss capsule loses water from his body. Diuretic weight loss capsules can quickly rid the body of excess water but once halted, weight can return just as quickly.

The Effects of Weight Loss Capsules

Even though some herbs like green tea in weight loss capsules can prove beneficial, others are toxic and cause dangerous side effects.

Some weight loss capsules made from thermogenic herbs have several harmful side effects. The stimulant ephedra, a common substance found in weight loss capsules have been known to cause cardiovascular ailments. A total of 800 cases reported by the FDA revealed that ephedra weight loss capsules were the cause of at least two deaths. Similarly, other herbs used for weight loss capsules such as herbal laxatives and herbal fen-phen, have been associated with irregularities of the heartbeat, heart attacks, cramping, diarrhea, and strokes.

A safer choice for people using weight loss capsules are those made from herbs like nettle, green tea, and dandelion among others which can stimulate metabolism without causing the heart to race.

Green Tea is safe as a weight loss capsule

Green tea has been used all throughout China since the ancient times. The steamed leaves of the Carmellia sinensis plant (the scientific name for green tea) were used as a local remedy. Ailments such as headaches, bad digestion, and depression were treated using green tea. Nowadays, scientists believe that green tea can potentially cure such major diseases as cancer.

Green tea contains antioxidants that twenty times more than that present in Vitamin E. Antioxidants in green tea act on free radicals that are the major causes of aging and diseases in the body. Green tea therefore not only keeps you young but also boosts your immune system to keep you from harm.

A recent study at the University of Geneva revealed that green tea can cause weight loss. The catechin polyphenols found in green tea are said to interact with the substance caffeine that increases thermogenesis. Metabolic rates in an individual have been known to increase by four percent when using green tea, either as a green tea extract or green tea weight loss capsule.

Green tea weight loss capsules have less caffeine compared to other weight loss capsules. This causes green tea weight loss capsules to act as a mild appetite-suppressant. One of the bad side effects of caffeine in weight loss capsules is that it can cause the heart rate to accelerate causing cardiovascular complications and in extreme cases, even death. With its low caffeine content, a green tea weight loss capsule therefore does its job without causing any undue harm.

Green tea weight loss capsules are also valued for their diuretic properties. Green tea can help rid the body of extra water thus reducing bloat and unsightly appearance.

In the scientific world, green tea has continued to create wonders. Many more studies are conducted to investigate other benefits of drinking green tea. It seems no other tea has quite as much health benefits as green tea.


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