Should You Supplement Your Diet With Glyconutrients?

What are nutritional supplements? They are natural “medicines” that help us add essential nutrients to our bodies that we are not getting from the food we eat. Many supplements are not what they are meant to be and are just a waste of money. However some are good and really do what they say they will. Ambrotose is one of these nutritional supplements that does live up to its promise.

Why do we need glyconutritional supplements? Our food does not supply all the necessary Glyconutrients needed to keep our bodies healthy. Before the age of technology when we grew our crops “naturally” there were far more nutrients in our food, especially Glyconutrients. These vital substances have many uses but one of the most important is their role in the functioning of the immune system.

What are Glyconutrients and why do we need them? What are Glyconutrients? Briefly they are a set of 8 saccharides, which are vital to our health and well-being.





Fucose (not fructose)


N-acetylneuramic acid


When present in the body they are found sticking with the glycoform fibers covering our cells. They play an important role in our cells communication. Because of “green” harvests environmental changes in the soil and processing of our food we are not getting enough of these saccharides.

How lack of Glyconutrients affects our heath:

This has resulted in the deterioration of our health. When we have less of these vital nutrients our immune system does not function as well. This makes us venerable to attacks by disease and toxins. This in turn leads to a decline in our health. Many more diseases are being discovered now. This is partly due to medical technology but also a direct result of the fact we have more diseases and health problems than our ancestors. Many of these diseases stem from the lack of Glyconutrients in our bodies.

So what does Ambrotose do for me?

For all these reasons we can improve our health by adding these nutrients to our diet. Ambrotose has all these important Glyconutrients that our body needs. Ambrotose is the result of extensive scientific research over the past 12+ years. This research is known as Glycobiology. For many years scientists did not put very much importance on these nutrients but now they have discovered their vital role in the human body. From this intensive research Ambrotose was born.

When you supplement your diet with Ambrotose you are essentially providing your body with the Glyconutrients that it needs. When you do this you will help your body heal itself and encourage your body’s immune system to function properly. As you continue to take this nutritional supplement you will notice a distinct change in your health. You will be feeling more vibrant, have more energy and plus you will not be so prone to diseases and infections. As your overall health increases you will have more energy to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Note: Glyconutrients nor Ambrotose are not intended to heal, treat, or cure any disease.