The Importance of Nutrition and Exercise

Sports have been present for over a hundred years now. Nutrition and exercise can’t be separated at all. It had been part of sports since the pre-historic times. The usual sports before done by cavemen were hunting. They hunt for animals or gather food to eat for survival. They use stones, bones, or sharp objects like wood to kill animals. With this, hunting became an activity which possessed physical abilities. Hunting became a root for athletes. People were competing against their strength and abilities during times of hunting. It soon gained to the idea that these kinds of sports need nutrition and exercise for improvement.

Ancient sports were not limited to men. Women of Egypt performed gymnastics for their temples. As time went by, gymnastics turned into religious dances.

We are all familiar with the Olympic game held every four years. The Olympic game originated from the Greeks. They give their best athletes nutritious food and enough exercise to maintain a good physical health. It is where their skills and abilities are showcased and Greeks give importance to their athletes as they will compete on different sports during the event.

The Greeks Source of Nutrition

During the Greek era, goats and cattle were killed for food. Both are good sources of protein. Another thing included in their nutrition is fish. They mostly got fish from the Mediterranean Sea. The Greeks considered carbohydrates and vegetables as an important part of their meal. The Romans rendered their soldiers a nutritious meal to sustain strength and energy in the battlefield. Alexander the Great, one of the greatest conquerors in the world, discovered that onions are essential to the health. He brought this to his empire because it had a nutritional value good for his soldiers and people. Aside from onions, vegetables like cabbage, turnips, beets, and others were also tended in their farmland.

The Importance of Nutrition and Exercise

Ancient people gave importance to nutrition and exercise just like what sportsmen do today. They make sure that their soldiers maintain a daily routine of exercises to keep them stable during training. They also organize a meal that has a balanced nutritional content to sustain their energy. Ancient people who trained soldiers developed food exclusively for the soldiers. Meat was only prepared in a minimal amount for soldiers but it was soon discovered that eating more meat makes a soldier stronger. Meat was then popular during the 5th century BC. Meat was initiated in the soldier’s diet.

Nowadays, we still consider and practice exercise and nutrition for physical strength. This is a solution to our sports need. This is how athletes cope up from fatigue and this will boost performance in sports.